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This cool spring has really thrown me for a loop. You know what most flowers love? Heat. And we haven't had a lot of it, until this week. And I am singing it's praises. Hallelujah! I won't complain one bit, and neither will my plants. They are loving it! I've seen a lot of growth already this week, which is promising. The two late frosts also threw things off. But it's all about adapting in this particular line of work, especially in Minnesota, zone 4b. I've also been working on and off at the hospital this past week, picking up shifts in between my work outside. I’ve been busy! You should see my farmer’s tan.

What I'm trying to get at is subscribers might see a week (or two) delay in getting bouquets. I hadn't anticipated this, but as a first-year "farmer", I need to learn to be flexible. Without having a greenhouse, or a hoophouse, a lot of what I do is dependent on weather. I can work with that, it just means being flexible, and working within my means. I cut some beautiful Sarah Bernhardt peonies this week, which are hanging out in the cooler until bouquets can be made. Columbine are almost ready. Salvia are screaming to to be harvested. The astilbe blooms will be ready in the next week or two. I set the date for my first bouquet bar. I’m busy looking at tulip and daffodil orders for next spring, too. So much to do! EEK! I can't wait! I can’t deny that I love it, so so much. It’s my passion, an obsession really.

What about you? Are you excited to see your first bouquets? If you aren’t a subscriber, what are you waiting for?

P.S. Would anyone like to see a July-only subscription option? Or August? Other ideas? Let me know and I’ll set it up! I’ve got room left for more members. I would love for you to join me on this journey in any capacity you are able.

See you among the flowers, friends....



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