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Why Local Flowers?

Local flowers matter. Many people may not give much thought to this at all, but it's true. Here's why.

Pesticides. Somewhere between 70-80% of flowers sold in the United States are not grown in North America. Many are imported

from Latin America, due to their hot climate. A longer hot climate invites pests and disease, which are typically treated with pesticides when grown outside of the U.S. Imported flowers are covered in pesticides that take a refrigerated ride on the flowers and transfer to you when you place your nose in the bloom to smell it's scent or touch the flowers with your fingers.

Locally grown flowers from trusted flower farmers (like me) are very likely grown without the use of harmful pesticides.

I do not use any pesticides or harmful chemicals on the flowers you receive. I am currently battling Japanese beetles and using alternative methods to combat them that don't involve harmful chemicals. This includes introducing beneficial nematodes to the garden and soil, applying milky spore to the soil to combat the larvae, catching them with beetle bags, and handpicking them off the flowers morning and night. I also cover the blooms with organza bags so the beetles can't eat the blooms.

What’s really important to me are the pollinators. The bees, birds, butterflies, and all of the other less common insects that pollinate the crops and are vital to our planet. We wouldn’t have food and flowers without them, so why would I want to hurt them with damaging pesticides?

Supporting small businesses. Buying local means supporting small businesses. Many flower farmers are also women as well (no hate to the male flower farmers - we love you too!).

Supporting a woman-owned small business? Win-win!

Sustainability. Do you know how much carbon emissions are produced by importing flowers? Imported flowers are either flown in and/or transported in refrigerated trucks, then distributed from there to the various markets. Now think of how many flowers are imported just for Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, etc. The carbon emissions are insane. Not great for Planet Earth.

Sustainable farming promotes methods and practices that are environmentally conscious and economically sound. Supporting locally grown flowers supports that mission. I apply compost and worm castings to the beds in the spring, rotate crops each year, ban pesticides, use drip irrigation to conserve water, use recyclable paper for bouquet wraps, and have never used floral foam.

Supporting my farm and other local farmers supports all of these values and practices, and gives back to your community. So…what can you do?

*Shop your local farmer‘s market. *Buy local, pasture-raised meat.

*Buy organic when possible (we don’t always buy organic but try to)

*Buy a CSA - community supported agriculture.

*Look for local farm events - U-picks, family farm days, etc. *Purchase a single bouquet or a monthly bouquet subscription from Nightingale Flower Farm! They make excellent gifts!

See you among the flowers,



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