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About Me

Hello, flower friends! I'm Sara, the proud owner and founder of Nightingale Flower Farm. Nestled in my small-scale backyard, I cultivate a diverse array of specialty cut flowers, foliage, and fillers that bring enchantment to bouquets and flower arrangements.

My husband and I are located in Champlin with our two wonderful daughters, and our adorable dog, Bailey, who holds a special place in my heart. Oh, and we can't forget our two mischievous and lively birds, adding a touch of whimsy to our lives.

My journey into the world of flowers began in my grandmother's strawberry patch, where I first discovered the magic of gardening. Throughout my childhood, I continued to nurture my green thumb alongside my mother, sharing precious moments that forever imprinted a love for all things blooming.

In the past six years, my passion for flowers has evolved into an all-consuming obsession. As the world faced the challenges of the COVID pandemic, I fulfilled my purpose working as an emergency nurse in a local hospital. However, after witnessing the toll it took, I yearned for more meaning and joy in my own life. I sought something to look forward to, something that could bring happiness to others and ignite smiles on their faces. And so, Nightingale Flower Farm was born.

Although I don't yet have a farm in the traditional sense, the beauty lies in the power of a dream and a name that allows for boundless growth. Nightingale Flower Farm represents the culmination of my aspirations and the endless possibilities that lie ahead.

At Nightingale Flower Farm, I consider myself incredibly fortunate to indulge in what I love most. With unwavering passion, I pour my heart into every bloom and stem I grow. Each petal carries a piece of my soul, a testament to the joy and beauty that flowers can bring to our lives.

Join me on this delightful journey as we celebrate the wonders of nature together. Let Nightingale Flower Farm infuse your world with the fragrance of dreams and the colors of pure happiness. Together, we'll create moments that evoke wonder, ignite smiles, and remind us of the incredible power of nature's artistry. Thank you for being a part of this beautiful adventure.

About Me: Our Farm
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